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Hope Sustains is a game about cultivating a farm and a community. The player will tend to their crops and surroundings, build relationships with their neighbours, all while enjoying a beautiful watercolour environment with realistic and delightful interactions.


Els and Morgan hatched the idea for what would become Hope Sustains in November 2019, after Els wished aloud for the ability to capture certain experiences in VR to share with other people. The conversation turned to Morgan's love of agriculture and their shared love of farming simulators. With both suffering mobility problems, they realised that a farming sim would be a great use of VR technology to bring the outdoors to people who otherwise couldn't access it. After doing some research on the use of games and specifically VR in therapy, the two of them began to build a team to bring their dream to life. Then COVID happened, so they decided to instead make the game on a more reliable platform - PC - first, and keep the VR port as a stretch goal for the future. C'est la vie.


  • Plant and tend to beautiful crops using real gardening techniques brought to life using VR
  • Grow a community by sharing the fruits of your labour with the people around you and bring life back to your hometown
  • Spend time with a lively cast of characters in a beautiful and relaxing virtual space


There are currently no trailers available for Hope Sustains. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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