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Schrodinger's Catgirl is an adventure point-and-click game, inspired by titles such as the Ace Attorney series, Resident Evil, and Until Dawn. Explore different rooms and floors in the manor with Lemi and Leon, finding more clues and evidence to build your case. Time itself has fractured, and using the flash from her camera, Lemi is able to switch rooms between their past and present versions. The more they investigate, the more reality itself collapses— there are infinite possibilities for what really happened, with each combination of events leaving its own trail of evidence. Finding evidence of a beast that lurks in the shadows makes its presence more solid. Finding evidence that only humans created this tragedy makes the villain more human. There will be consequences for your actions. [IS THE GIRL IN THE MANOR ALIVE OR DEAD?]


One day, in May 2020, Els messaged his friend the following. "ok but very briefly, two words: schrodingers catgirl". Having recently launched Retrace on PC, and with development on Hope Sustains stalled out due to the pandemic, he needed something small he could work on mostly by himself as he had for Retrace. Something using an engine and genre he was familiar with, building on what he'd learned in the development of his first game. Something that would hopefully appeal to Retrace's fans as well as drawing in a new audience. And so, Schrodinger's Catgirl was born.


  • Beautiful painted backgrounds and expressive, animated sprites bring the world to life
  • A blend of puzzle, narrative, adventure and action.
  • Original music by harmonicblend.
  • Reactive narrative engine -- every player action can potentially change the world.
  • A huge variety of possible endings leading to high replayability


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There are currently no logos or icons available for Schrodinger's Catgirl. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

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